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About Reiner Niewisch

"Reiner has provided me with the confidence I needed to get to the next level in riding. Now I can handle a situation as if it's second nature to me with the expertise he has taught me."

                                                    -D.D. Speight, Student

Our Mission at Reiner Niewisch Equestrian Services we strive to provide a safe, fun and professional environment for our clients, while also allowing for a positive educational and learning experience for the horse and rider. Our goal is to provide instruction to the serious rider or competitor as well as a methodic and constructive training or showing program for the horse. 

Care and safety of our horses is a top priority, horses need to be comfortable and happy to perform at their best. Our footing and facility grounds are meticulously maintained on a daily basis to help keep our equine partners in top condition.

After graduating from the University of Goettinger, Germany in agriculture and animal husbandry, Reiner's first job was to run the farm of Klaus Wagner, three-time Olympian for Germany in Three-day Eventing. There Reiner met and worked with George Theodorescu, who himself rode on the Romanian Olympic dressage team.  Both George and Reiner eventually moved to the U.S to work for Jessica Ranshausen  who rode on the U.S dressage team in the 1960 Rome Olympics.
While in the US, Reiner met and worked with George Morris, member of the U.S jumping team at the Rome Olympics.  Subsequently, Reiner managed the riding and extensive breeding program for part of the Rockefeller family in Bedford, New York for ten years before embarking in his own business as general partner and head instructor at renowned Shannon Stables in Bedford New York. He eventually bought and operated River Run Farm in Brewster, New York for eighteen years.

In 2003, Reiner relocated to Cogi Farm and ran an extensive boarding, lesson, training and sales program, specializing in German sport horses. In November of 2008 Reiner temporarily relocated to Haviland Hollow Farm to once again expand his hunter/jumper and sales business, then to Rein Maker farm.  In early 2013 Reiner Niewisch Equestrian Services moved to 3 Phase Equestrian Center.